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New Headcovering Business

This is for my friend Alana’s new business. Go check it out!


Snood Giveaway!

My friend Alana is giving away three plain white snoods on her blog. Deadline is April 8th. Head on over to leave her a comment to enter!

Isn’t it loverly?

Easiest Hair Day Ever

Today was the easiest hair day ever. How so? I didn’t even comb it after waking up! If my coworkers only knew how rebellious I am! 😀 My trusty black cloth snood is my co-conspirator in this hair-revolution. It covers everything, from forehead to nape of neck.

Here is how I accomplished today’s amazing hair feat: Last night, I braided it, Heidi-style with two braids and small “ouchless” plastic bands. Those little things sure stay put! Slept on the braids all night. They looked pretty good after all that tossing and turning, but the hair above it was fluffed up. I whetted a comb and slicked down the fluffy parts. I picked up another plastic band and tied the two braids together in the back. Then I slipped on the snood right over the whole design and I was ready to go!

This hair escapade is part of my larger plan to wean my hair and scalp off of daily washings. My hair is almost to the middle of my back, so it is past time to be more gentle. I am aiming for every other day to start. How many times do you long-haired ladies wash your tresses?

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