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The Unofficial She is Back Post

Hello my patient, patient friends!

If I said I were busy and didn’t have time to blog, it would be a half truth. But there is some truth to it. Here is why:

My mother has cancer (you may recall). The last three months have been a severe challenge for her and us. A couple hospitalizations, lots of shuttling around to specialists. My role of caregiver has been ramped up. On top of that…

I got a part-time job! 20 hours a week in an academic office. My new boss is a good soul, very patient with me having to juggle things around at home. Ooooh, remind me, I have a story about interesting work dynamics and the headcovering. The added income offers us breathing room for the time being.

Religiously – well – its been a hard, hard road in the last 6 months. I will tell you all more in the coming weeks.

Even typing this little post refreshes my memory at how much I enjoy blogging. I help myself and help others along the way. Thanks for therapy, everyone.  In the blogging realm, I should ‘cook’ instead of getting off the stove. This is a good thing in many ways. 🙂

Just to keep me honest and motivated, you can expect (God willing) more posts and announcements and videos forthcoming.



Veils by Lily

If you are a mantilla fan, stop by here:

Many Looks of Modesty

I am totally in love with 1:16, light peach floral number. But anything, really, in the entire fashion show rocks my world.

Men’s Modesty Link

For your reading pleasure, from Athanasius:

…a man who thinks he can go home and just demand his wife wear a skirt (and remember culturally skirts and dresses are more feminine and accord better with a woman’s perfections) while himself remaining immodest in his dress, deportment, and interior disposition, he is fooling himself because his wife is never going to respect him. If a woman wears a dress but does not respect and obey her husband, she is not modest no matter how many layers she is wearing. Modesty does not stop in dress.

Men’s Modesty Part 1

and for eye-candy:

Aesthetic Traditionalist

What do you think, ladies? Do you have near-instant respect for men who take care of their appearance and behavior?

Bonus Link: Because of the Angels

I have much more to write about daily life things in an update later this weekend.

Carrying the Cross

The last few months have been the Via Dela Rosa for my family and I. Many things have reached Situation Critical:

  • Mother’s cancer is spreading at a new, aggressive rate. They are pursuing a drug trial medication  which will not start for another two weeks, at best. She is unable to drive or do much of anything else.
  • Therefore, I get housekeeping (of a large house) and driving duty.
  • The family dog was also diagnosed with a large tumor in her chest cavity. She is nearing her end and will be put down…but in the past few months, I have had the majority care of her. Lots of meds, cleaning up after her. ETC.
  • We’ve been in a droughty-flaming-hot weather pattern. I try my best to stay on top of watering but some things have come close to death.
  • This is the biggest personal issue and most difficult to explain: religious difficulties. I do not have the energy or time to deal with it. Making a major religious dedication is beyond me right now and I am not sure when/how/with whom it will happen. I will have more to say on the subject later.

I really want to blog more, make more videos, and do fun internet-y things. Please pray for us.

Baby Steps to the Next Thing

The Get Your Stuff together week was less than spectacular. I got the bedroom together and have maintained it. The book nook got a pass but is not done. Meh. My excuse? The Dog got sicker and I am chief Veterinarian Chauffeur.  She is stable now and parents are out of town.

I guess one area deep clean a week is a good enough goal for now.

You can contact me!

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You know…take away the dashes and spaces to make it work. Look forward to hearing from you.

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