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New Headcovering Business

This is for my friend Alana’s new business. Go check it out!


Many Looks of Modesty

I am totally in love with 1:16, light peach floral number. But anything, really, in the entire fashion show rocks my world.

In Defense of Laura

A.S. commented:

I don’t want to seem rude here, but is there any reason why you feel the need to dress in the way you do? I am honestly trying to come across this in the most respectful manner possible.

I believe in modesty, but I don’t think it’s necessary to go overboard with it. Ever watch “The Duggars”? They were on a different tv show and the mom mentioned that she believed in “modern modest”, that a woman can still be wearing the modern styles and fashions, yet also be modest.

I’m just having a really hard time wrapping my head around the idea of wearing clothes that were suitable to Laura Ingalls Wilder’s time.

My response in three part harmony:

  1. Yes, we fully have the choice to use off-the-rack “modern modest”, which would describe about 80% of my daily wear. I think it a fine thing. HOWEVER….unlike the Duggars….I add a headscarf or snood, which no matter what style of clothing you wear, is weird in this culture.
  2. I do not know how old A.S. is, but apparently S/he doesn’t remember the 1980’s very well. Women regularly wore long dresses in small prints or pinafores or anything else the “modern” human would describe as being in the “prairie” category. Laura Ashley and Gunne Sax, FTW.
  3. Is personal preference only okay when it comes to choosing from the offerings of the imperial clothing industrial complex? In essence, not being able to comprehend wanting to wear a dress one has designed and/or sewn oneself, is a sad lack of imagination and freedom of choice. The freedom of conservatism is allowing for choice within boundaries. Duggars may like denim skirts and blouses off-the-rack and I sew my own dresses. We both conform to the basic standard. Its like a realist painter and an impressionist who use the same size canvas but who come out with differing results. Both are beautiful in their own right.

My New Vocation

Bursting at the seams over here with my new vocational training pursuit. [I will not actually bust any seams, that would be unladylike.] What shall I be doing in about two years time??

A Clinical Herbalist.

I have decided to take up the study under Shonda Parker, a Christian woman who has written such books as, Naturally Healthy Woman, and Naturally Healthy Pregnancy, amongst others. She personally directs the study of women (and men, I guess?) into a very thorough knowledge and practice of herbal treatments. You can read about it at her site.

This is all out of the blue, Anna, how did you decide to do this? Health issues (of which I have a handful niggling and one or two genetic) have been an ongoing interest of mine for quite a while. I begged my parents to have “a bit of earth” for an herb patch when I was 11 years old. Both thumbs are green and my husband would argue, both big toes. Recently I have been experiencing some healing through herbs of my “feminine systems”, enough to be convinced and want to share with other ladies.

I chose Shonda (who returned my call personally! I was astounded) over the myriad of other herbal training programs because of the cost-effectiveness, thoroughness of her outlined program and for the Christian overtones of her work. While I dearly love the crunchy-tree-hugging-earth mamas, I cannot stomach a long-term indoctrination of Gaia worship. Shonda, I believe, offers a balance to the profession.

Herbalist training also fits in nicely with my penchant for being prepared for the (I believe) inevitable decline of petrochemical dependent society. I have many skills which would benefit an unplugged economy, like sewing and baking, but I wanted to expand and specialize my role into a Critical Knowledge set, and, thereby, make myself valuable to community well-being. Translated: People want me around because I know how to keep them healthy and fed.

Independent of the online curriculum, I will try to find a local wild-crafting person with which to apprentice/gallivant in the woods all around us. Wild plants have just as much medicinal value as cultivated – and immediately available.

Dear readers, as the time goes on, I won’t bog you down with the details of my study on this here venue. If you want to know, I can chat with you separately or you can wait for my professional website. 🙂

On Women

Headcovering as Podvig Part Two

Headcovering as Podvig

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