God and Your Opinion

Ok…sticky issue here (and its not the Oreo Sundae I am scarfing down while typing)…

There have been instances in the past where I have posted a picture or link which lead to another website which may have had side-line material that certain viewers deemed offensive. This is why I posted a disclaimer on my About page. You click, you take responsibility. Basic internet wariness.

Here is the sticky part (which is soooooo hard to deal with):

I posted (or “Shared”) a link on FB to one of my favorite health bloggers today. There was a picture of him included with the link where is he shirtless and portrayed from the back-view and only his shoulders and arms. I don’t think much of it because I see it regularly when visiting his blog. And the photo is supposed to ironic and matches his writing perfectly.

That being said, a FB friend (which may be a reader?) said,

I do not believe God would be pleased with this picture of this man
To which I replied,
I know you are not pleased with it and I apologize for including the picture with the link.
What peeves me is the peevish nature of publicly calling out a person about a small thing that could be dealt with privately and without pulling the GOD power play. You may say it was not wise and I will agree. My intention was not to offend but to share some insightful writing. Please, please, dear readers, consider your responses to others infractions against propriety.

4 Responses to “God and Your Opinion”

  1. 1 Ann Washburn April 14, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    Dear, I understand completely what you mean! I will contribute interesting articles or blog stories (always giving credit to the author) on a particular head covering email group that I am on. It is usually a case of my pointing out one aspect of the piece that particularly interested me, which I thought to share. Invariably, someone latches on to another aspect or a PERCEIVED aspect of the piece and attacks it. It gets SO frustrating! And it can also be hurtful. It is SATAN working away at our human-ness, seeking to make us less like Jesus.

  2. 2 Kristie April 14, 2010 at 8:54 pm

    I know how that goes. The fact is there is ALWAYS someone who would be offended by something. I do what I can to think about those things, but I can’t do everything…And you are right, it could have been dealt with privately 🙂 I tend to think nothing of “little stuff” like that, because over the years of reading your blog I know that wasn’t your intention (and to be honest little things like that do not bother me much)

  3. 3 Coffee Catholic April 15, 2010 at 3:29 am

    I’ve locked down my blog for the same reason. (It won’t be locked down forever. Just until things cool down a bit. It was getting hot.) You’re right: if people, in real life or the internet, see someone doing something that they deem is wrong then PLEASE USE DISCRETION instead of blasting off at the mouth out in the open and playing at being Captain Morals.

    Our culture has taken a strange turn in the past 15 years. Bullying and indiscretion used to be considered a social no-no. But now these two immature behaviors are upheld as perfectly acceptable. It drives me nuts. These days there seems to be this strong cultural desire to deliberately hurt people. It’s kinda scary, to be honest. When I was growing up, to be a bully was to be despised. Now it’s to be practically canonized by popular opinion! You’re considered “cool” if you can shoot people down, especially in public.

    I was surprised at first when I discovered that a lot of my peers no longer really feel like “going out” much. They’re also ditching Facebook and blogging. They’ve been burned too often by this weird neoculture of “let’s lash out and hurt people” that is found everywhere, even in our churches. I thought maybe I had become a weird hermit or something but I’ve come to see that it’s not just me. This rampant indiscretion and bullying behavior is doing our society no favors.

    I’ve always maintained that my blog is an open forum for debate but I’d leave my issues on the blog. But another thing I’ve noticed is that too many people can’t make that distinction. They drag our debates into biting, nasty personal attacks while visiting or even doing business… they even drag our debate into email with family members that never asked to be involved and/or stalk me around the internet and harass me on websites/forums that have nothing to do with my blogs. Meanwhile no one seems to think, “Gee maybe this isn’t normal. Maybe I’m behaving a bit like a psycopath.”

    What has happened to adult argument and the adult behavior of self-restraint???? These days I feel like I’m stuck in a room full of bratty kids.

  4. 4 lmae123 April 15, 2010 at 6:43 am

    Yeah, for the past fifteen years…I’m nineteen so this is all I know! I am thankful to be raised to know better than that.

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