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All the Single Ladies

I have not met any single unmarried women looking to get married who claim to be Christian who cover their head as said in the Bible. I have not seen any at Church, College or Online. Unless I accidentally mistaked them for a Muslim and did not know they were a Christian. How would I go about finding a CHRISTIAN women who actually dresses modestly?

From an anonymous male on YouTube.

This is one of increasingly frequent emails or comments I receive from Christian men. I wish I could help them out and play Yenta (matchmaker). And maybe that would work for a few couples. What should really take place is the concerted education of brain-washed females who think no man would want to be married to her because she wants to don a headscarf. P-shaw!

Men want Christian women with backbones (i.e., courage) who live their faith externally. “Well, I guess I might wear one after I am married, maybe, some day…” That day won’t come because the man you are chasing probably will balk at your making a change later. When men go “hunting” for a wife, they want to pin down how she acts and assume she will be like that after the wedding day. Men like continuity. If you aren’t covering now, TELL HIM YOU WANT TO COVER. “When I am a married woman, I want to wear a headscarf (daily, at church, etc.)” Suck it up and tell him. Better yet, WEAR IT NOW. If he freaks and runs…he is not a man, he is boy pretending.

To the next group of single ladies who do cover and/or dress modesty and are despairing: keep hope. I know it is HARD. Most Western men, imho, are not worth your time until they are older than 25. Be patient and wait for their brains to return. You might have to seek in a larger context, like online. This is how I met my husband (without advertising, long story).  I dunno…maybe I could run a match-making thing. I am pretty good with picking out who will do well together (wish I had the same sense for myself when I was dating years ago, but I digress).

I want to hear from the singles! Leave me comments or send me a note: a.ontheweb -at- gmail (dot) com.


Mantilla Giveaway

Alana is giving away TWO white lace mantillas on her blog, Free to Cover. They look gorgeous. Would be nice for new coverers or Catholic ladies. Go on over to enter!

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