Totalitarian Consumerism

[That title is from Dmitri Orlov, who blogs and speaks about Peak Oil and eventual doom of all things Totalitarian. Go read “Real Communities are Self-Organizing” and then come back here. My Facebook buddies know I’ve ranted about this subject already…I just needed to do it AGAIN for the non-FB crowd.]

The big news in my Southwestern Virginia homeland this week, last week, and since before Christmas has been the record amounts of snow we have received and are receiving and won’t stop until after Easter, most likely. My ancestral homeland is up yonder in Yankee-land-Midwest so this is surprising but not wholly unprecedented for our family. Another favorite blogger from upper New York state is jealous of our FEET accumulation.

I mention the snow as the backdrop to the utter insanity which is occurring at the World’s Largest Retailer or otherwise known as my husband’s workplace. Blue shirts and Smiley Face-ville. Ok, you get the drift. In our Totalitarian Consumerist society, it is normal to stock up on bread, milk, and probably beer before a snow storm. Maybe Bubba Americana will purchase a snow shovel, if there were any left and he issued forth a salient thought on the reason why he was stocking up on microwaveable chicken wings.

You want to know the other necessity which pathetic people with tax return money burning a hole in their pockets just absolutely must-have DURING a BLIZZARD?

A large flat-screen TV.

Not even purchasing these items before the storm, but as the streets fill with dangerous ice and feet of snow?

Yes, you might interject, the Super Bowl is this weekend. My friends, these [gritting teeth whilst typing] neighbors have spreed their way through the Electronics department before the snow hit last week…and before other non-holiday or non-major broadcasting weekends.

I am angry with my [aaarrghhh…*wailing and nashing teeth *] neighbors for making it necessary for MY husband to risk life, limb, and automobile in order for THEM to purchase a complete NON-NECESSITY to the survival of 48 hours.

There you have it folks, the report of one small symptom of our Totalitarian Consumerist state. I have to go spend time with my prayer rope now to get the rest of the angst worked out…


6 Responses to “Totalitarian Consumerism”

  1. 1 Farmer's Daughter February 6, 2010 at 11:20 am

    I’m also jealous of your snow! As the end of my pregnancy nears, I’d take a snowed-in day off work any day! We were supposed to get a few inches, but got nothing today.

    As for the TV’s, do people really buy a new TV just for the big game? My brother bought a new one last week, but only because he moved into his new house from my parents’ house and didn’t have one. I like the big game and all, but I can watch it right here on my own 8-year old TV just fine.

  2. 3 Margaret February 6, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    I despair. As you may or may not know British MPs have recently been grilled over massive expenses fraud. A couple of days ago one, from the majority party, appeared on tv saying it wasn’t so bad as it was ‘only’ £3000 per head (that’s about $5000) yet she represents a working-class area where most of the people will never see £3000 in one place in their entire lives. Now do you suppose the British public jammed the switchboard of the tv company, of the House of Commons, of Labour HQ or that MP’s constituency office? Noooooooooooo… the British public are more interested in the ridiculous behaviour of a ‘glamour’ model with the usual worrisome amount of silicon and her Las Vegas wedding to a cage-fighter.

    50 odd years ago an MP called Bessie Braddock (who often crossed swords with Churchill and came off worst) commented that the only thing the British people were REALLY scared of was the man coming to take the telly away and it looks like the malady has crossed the pond.

    Hope your husband got to and fro work safely and let’s all pray God sends the world a massive dose of common sense before it’s too late.

  3. 4 Kristie February 6, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    Big screen tv’s? yikes. I had heard around here that they were selling out of Wii’s when the snow storms were pounding us. Most of these people would not know how to survive a true emergency!

    I try to stay stocked up, and probably have enough stuff to last us a month+ (longer if we just lived on rice and beans….lol). That way if weather turns bad we can just go pick up some milk or other perishables.

    Praying for your hubby’s safety in all that weather!

  4. 5 Living in London February 10, 2010 at 1:19 am

    when I lived in Austria, the laws mandated that the shops close at noon on Saturday and not open until Monday morning. They relaxed the laws a bit to allow shops to stay open later on Saturday, which helped a lot, especially with groceries. It was nice having a day where you know you can’t go to the store (and probably shouldn’t). They’ve of course relaxed the law even more now, so that stores can be open on Sunday, but, oddly, only a few bakeries and tourist-type stores have taken advantage of it. It’s still the same way in Slovakia, except the big mega stores are now open 24-7. Really though, I don’t want to shop on Sunday. I try not to do it here in London, but the lifestyle in the States makes it really hard to set aside one day for rest and family.

  5. 6 thegeekywife February 10, 2010 at 11:36 am

    It’s ridiculous.

    Prayers for your husband’s safety.

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