Bears Oh My

Bears. We has them. Or mebbe just one we nicknamed Yogi. I hope just one.

He (or she) has been enjoying our neighbors’ trash can contents the last couple of weeks. Trash scattered this morning. Our cans are the large municipal variety that racoons or stray dogs cannot knock over and disbowel.

The wildlife peoples in charge will do nothing. Its the autumn season when said bears are ravenous addicts and salmon skin in a can is crack. We live in suburbia, just 1.5 miles from Main Street. We just have to be careful after dark and before dawn when they go a digging.

Personally, I would have no issues whatsoever with a hunter who wanted a bear for his freezer, particularly, our bear.  I have a low tolerance for competition for top of the food chain. Come on, November!


2 Responses to “Bears Oh My”

  1. 1 Kristy October 10, 2009 at 9:50 pm

    I read an article the other day about a guy who was attacked inside his home by a bear in Colorado. The article went on to talk about in the Bible about how it said that a nation that had turned from God, the animals that had been kept out of the cities, God would allow them to return to the cities. I’m not sure where it talks about that in the Bible but I did find in interesting. Hope that doesn’t scare you or anything but I just thought it was interesting.

    • 2 Anna October 12, 2009 at 10:58 am

      The bears being a Biblical plague? That’s a first I have heard. 🙂 WE peeps are encroaching on their turf. My current housing is in a new division which adjoins an expanse of woodsy hills. I am not surprised at all by the bear coming in for convenient snacks. I do find it interesting…now that you mention it…that Yogi has not smorged in our trash can and has picked other, non-church going or outwardly religious neighbors. HMMMMM….

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