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eternal-peace-2The Eternal Peace Monument


Quote on Eternal Peace Monument


The Irish Brigade from New York

Monuments are e-v-e-r-ywhere in Gettysburg. Statues to denote where each regiment engaged. Markers for the Left and Right start and end of each regiment. Statues of generals, statues of remarkable men. Each state is represented with its own memorial. At first this bothered me. Like, why on earth all this marble and granite?!? Then I recalled that more than half a million men were killed in this war between the states. Our bloodiest war was between brothers. Gettysburg was the turning point and, therefore, people devoted themselves to “Never Forget” in this one town.


General Longstreet. One of the last monuments to be erected, in 2002. Folks put change on the horse’s unturned hoof.

SANY0251General Lee on top of the Virginia Memorial. His horse, Traveller, is buried right outside the family crypt in Lexington, Virginia.


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  1. 1 Lisa August 20, 2009 at 1:45 pm

    There is actually a pretty interesting book about Gettysburg and memory, and how the landscape has changed over time with the monuments, etc. The title and author both escape me right now, but perhaps it will come back.

    I personally like the Longstreet monument a lot. It’s one of the few not on a pedestal and it shows Longstreet in motion. One can picture him riding up and down, scanning the battle lines on July 3 in just such a way.

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