Going, Going, Gone Gluten Free

Today marks my first week anniversary of tottering steps into gluten free territory. I did a pantry and fridge clean out last Saturday. This past week I felt pretty good about what I had to eat (thought a bit heavy on the Thai Kitchen noodles…oh…yummy!) I know I overspent on the processed GF goodies last week. I toned it down this past weekend. Less crackers, noodles and chips. More brown rice and cooked from scratch yummies.

This really isn’t so traumatizing. We didn’t eat out for the month of January. I know how to cook. For somebody who depended on restaurants and processed food for their “diet”, I could imagine the horror of trying to learn how to feed yourself.

Jeff has been a champ during this transition. He calls it the Meat and Potatoes diet, which any man would be thrilled to try. Branding does make a difference! 😉

I also fit into the Milk Allergy category. Running nose and sneezing after consuming liquid milk & yogurt. I think I am ok after eating hard cheese or goat’s milk, which  might mean a whey allergy as opposed to casein. Biggie dealio. In the first case, I can still eat my natural cheeses occassionally. On the other case, I’d have to completely dump all dairy and anything with dairy ingredients. Bummer.

The first big step for me was getting the gluten out. I will give it 3-4 months to clear out of my system before trying any other major changes. Well, except for the liquid cow milk and yogurt. I’d rather not sit with a pile of hankies and tooting my nose for half an hour after eating my breakfast!


3 Responses to “Going, Going, Gone Gluten Free”

  1. 1 Amy February 2, 2009 at 12:14 pm

    Its great to hear how well you are doing on the GF diet, Anna! With time, GF living becomes just natural.

    Peapod & I have recently given up dairy. :o( Her post-smoke inhalation ear infection didn’t clear up as we’d hoped, so our family doctor advised we both forgo all dairy products. I gave away all of our dairy that afternoon and she was better within twenty-four hours. I’d also been suspecting I may be having issues with casein for quite some time, but needed the Peapod motivation to rid my diet of the cheese I love oh so much. Check out Kimi@The Nourishing Gourmet if you haven’t already. She has many yummy GFCF recipes. We especially love her coconut milk based ice creams and have been using her coconut milk tonic as a sub for milk in smoothies & baked goods.

    For somebody who depended on restaurants and processed food for their “diet”, I could imagine the horror of trying to learn how to feed yourself.

    LOL! That was me way back when I went gluten-free. ;o) It’s crazy to realize as I now bake everything from scratch, spend all summer preserving food, and make dinner sans recipes on many occasions. Just think if I never had to go GF, I might have never learned how to cook properly!

  2. 2 Anna February 3, 2009 at 8:03 am

    Thank you for the encouragement, Amy!

  3. 3 VW July 19, 2011 at 12:57 am

    I don’t know if this is still relevant, but a lot of people who have celiac find that their tolerance for milk improves after a few months or years on the GF diet. I had to wait years and I still have to be careful with ultra-pasturized milks, but it’s a lot better than no milk at all.

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