Lose 9 years of your (body’s) life!

Sounds like a morbid infomercial, right?

Actually, I just came back from getting a physical health assesment. It was the kind I would have normally had to pay $100 at a health club to get my body fat percentages, strength, flexibility, and blood pressure measured. My office mate’s daughter had the special machine in her school’s gym and offered to do our testing for free.

How did I stack up?

Blood pressure was normal (97/67). Good, but I knew that it would be fine.

My cardiovascular ranking (oxygen consumption) was low (29.7 ml/kg-min). That needs to go up to 41-44 in order to acheive a “Good” rating.

My bicep strength was at 38 lbs, at the top range of “Fair”. Another couple months of Shovelglove and I should be in the Average category.

The flexibility portion I don’t think was right. I hadn’t had time to warm up my muscles, so therefore, I was too tight to reach far. Anyhow, I was an 11.5 inches on the Sit & Reach. Stink.

Here is where the most room for improvement is: Body Composition. I stepped onto the specialised scale with barefeet and…..

33.0% body fat.

That puts me on borderline Very High.


The print-out recommended I lose weight from 135 to between 110-117. I’ve been there before. I can do it again.

The last page stages what your body’s actual age is. Mine?


[For not-regular readers….I’m closing in on my 30th b-day in 5 months.]

I need to lose about 9 years of baggage. The machine will be back at the school in May. Let’s see how many years I can lose in 4 months.


3 Responses to “Lose 9 years of your (body’s) life!”

  1. 1 alana January 22, 2009 at 3:48 pm

    I’d probably be 85 years old.

    But don’t get too distracted. This is just another artificial index created in a youth-obsessed culture which gives one a false sense of control over our health, destiny, etc.

    While we do need to live healthy, spiritual lives, and we do need to repent of our sins, I think things like this, and BMI measurements, and height/weight charts are very very distracting, guilt inducing, and an easy way to get my focus off Christ, who is (or should be) my LIFE.

    This is just me. Your mileage might vary.

  2. 2 Martha January 23, 2009 at 9:02 pm

    I wouldn’t take it too seriously…I think Alana is right! There are a lot more important things to worry about.

  3. 3 goldilocks February 1, 2009 at 1:37 pm

    I think it’s a good thing to think about one’s health– for myself, my numbers on the scale serve as a stark reminder that gluttony, just like lust, is a sin, and that to indulge in it serves as a pretty negative testimony to a life in Christ.

    Really, who can take seriously the case for, say, sexual self-control from a person who obviously doesn’t even control what she puts in her mouth every day, you know?

    But boy would I ever love to weigh 135 pounds again. LOL.

    Hang in there, sister!

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