The D Word

1. State or condition appointed or predetermined; ultimate fate; as, men are solicitous to know their future destiny, which is however happily concealed from them.
2. Invincible necessity; fate; a necessity or fixed order of things established by a divine decree, or by an indissoluble connection of causes and effects.
From Webster’s 1828 Dictionary, courtesy this site.

There are several words Evangelical Christians use that make me cringe. If you use these words regularly in your spiritual vernacular, I would ask you to reconsider their meaning, because as Inigo says, “I don’t think it means what you think it means.”

The Modern Webster includes the direction, “See FATE” at the end of the definition. When a well-intentioned (or not so well intentioned figure on TV) uses the word destiny in connection to God and a person’s life, do they mean the person has been caught in an inescapable, pre-determined fate? [NO DEBATE OF TULIP!!!!] There is nothing much we can do to change it. We might as well eat worms and wait for death.

Or do they mean this person has found their Ultimate Purpose for which they were designed? And if they have reached this chairness of Chair…what use is God?

To hang your hopes on Destiny instead of a living God, is to create an idol. It constructs this false spiritual goal to reach one’s Destiny and then all will be well. If we do not find our Destiny…we obviously didn’t buy the book or DVD or follow the 7 steps.

Destiny is a fickle god. It never has enough. You have to keep sacrificing, keep searching, keep wondering if you have ever reached IT. Then, if you have failed in some aspect of your life, others will scoff you as falling short of Destiny.

Our God, however, is reachable, knowable, and is ever-active and present with His creatures. He defies our attempts to get a road map of our lives, for our own good. What monsters we would be if we had a pretty trinket called Destiny and worshipped it instead of our Father in Heaven who calls out, “Where are you?”

I am disgusted with the word, idea, and god of Destiny because it robs people blind of the Way to God. The Way, of course is Jesus.

Destiny is a nebulous god. It cannot be a thing or a place. You cannot draw a picture of it, kick it, or hug it. Sure, you can write oodles of pages of gobbledy-gook about Destiny, or poems, or songs. All that effort will be wasted paper and oxygen.

Christ is God With Us. Through Him we have our being. In our dance with God, we have our joy in living, both now and onward. You do not marry a person to fulfill Destiny. You marry them to share your LIFE with them.

Destiny is no end, with Christ as the means. God is our all in all. Amen.


2 Responses to “The D Word”

  1. 2 Briana October 10, 2008 at 1:28 am

    Hello I am usually a “lurker” lol. My name is Briana. I really enjoy your take on. “destiny”. I am going to link to your blog from my new blog. Do you have a button I can grab?- May God Bless you this day! – Briana

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