1. Because John Calvin
     legalized money-lending at interest,
     the State has legalized
     money-lending at interest.

2. Because the State has legalized
     money-lending at interest,
     home owners
     have mortgaged their farms;
     have mortgaged their buildings;
     have mortgaged their churches;
     cities, counties, States
     and Federal Government
     have mortgaged their budgets.

3. So people find themselves
     in all kinds of financial difficulties
     because the State
     has legalized money-lending at interest
     in spite of the teachings
     of the Prophets of Israel
     and the Fathers of the Church.

From Peter Maurin’s Easy Essays, written in the 1930’s.


1 Response to “Mortgaged”

  1. 1 mrs.spit October 6, 2008 at 9:59 pm

    Anna, I’m sorry, but you are incorrect. Historically it was the Jewish people who were able to loan money, and not the Catholics. This was one of the major reasons that the Jews in protestant England and catholic France were so isolated.

    It was the example of Christ throwing the money lenders from the temple that prevented Christians from loaning money. When you read the verses in Matthew 21, we see that he threw out not just the money lenders, but those selling doves that Jews would have sacraficed, and those buying and selling other things. The Money lenders are also often more correctly called money changers. They performed a variety of services, not just merely loaning money.

    It’s proably also worth noting that Christ used parables about loaning money and being a debtor (i.e. Matthew 18), and he didn’t indicate that loaning or borrowing money was a problem, but rather used the parable to highlight the problem of mercy.

    Not owing any money and having no debt can make money just as much of an idol as owing debt. It’s wise to strive for balance.

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