Fascinating Womanhood Notes, Pt. 2

[These are transcribed notes from an Anonymous Fascinating Womanhood teacher. Capitalizations and structure of the original have been preserved.]

Helen Andelin, the author of this book, had been married for many years and finding it had become mediocre, she decided to try to find out what the problem was. Instead of look at her husband (saying if he would change and so on) she looked to herself. We all know by now that the only one we can change is ourselves. She began to do research, then putting different principles into practice in her own life and home, she discovered a change in herself and her marriage. It was no longer just one of those ‘average marriages’ her husband, too, was changing and was now taking her with him on trips, and treating her as though they were first married. She then began to write a book, she wrote it without the knowledge of her family or husband – when she finished, she showed it to her husband and he said, “You have to have this printed – it is great!” She also had started classes for other women and taught them the same principles and they too turned their marriage into the special kind God wants all homes to have. No more arguing, anger, competing, and hurt feelings. A fun, loving, and friendly marriage.

I was one of those women who thought they had the best marriage any one could have. I thought I was the best wife a man could have – I KNEW I WAS. I convinced my husband that every problem in the marriage was his fault. I was either hurt or angry a lot of the time. And I don’t think those fights and hurts are worth the making up – why not have it all with no fights and arguments that so many have. My husband and I had always loved each other, but we didn’t always like each other. When you love some one you are trapped. Many couples divorce who still love each other but can’t stand each other. YOU CAN HAVE BOTH LOVE AND FRIENDSHIP. You can turn your marriage into a honeymoon. You have to be willing to change some things in your life and you will prove what I have said.

If I had not walked into that class one day, I would still be blind to my OWN FAULTS. Thinking I had the best marriage you could have, and would not have had the chance to learn and to turn my marriage into a fun, friendly marriage where there is just love and caring for one another. I had wanted to be the best wife any man could have and thought I was.

I sat in that class, learning I was doing a lot of things right (as all of you are) but as those few things I was doing wrong that was hurting my marriage and to be sure my dear husband and myself. I did not know what I was doing wrong – we can be so blind to our faults and only see those of our husbands and others. Many of our husbands actions are as a result of our actions and I learned this. Wise women to themselves when things are not going well in the relationship. I life that class and cried (finding for the first time in my married life that I too had faults), then I took a good look at myself, and went to work on some of the principles in this book. IT WORKED. I CHANGED and my husband CHANGED. My relationship with my husband changed. No longer was I either hurt or angry all the time. Because, you see, this book teaches you to understand the male, his ways, thoughts, reactions, so many things about him are so different from you (as a woman). Not wrong, but different. When we as women do not understand men, we judge them as another woman – thinking they are the same – BUT THEY ARE NOT – they are as different as night and day. One girl that took the class said, “I don’t always like what my husband does, but now I understand why he does it.” I believe one of the main problems in marriage is that both men and women do not realize the great differences between men and women – therefore judging each other as themselves, and judging them wrongly.


1 Response to “Fascinating Womanhood Notes, Pt. 2”

  1. 1 alana June 24, 2008 at 4:36 pm

    My feminist mother HATES fascinating womanhood. I have requested it from interlibrary load because now I”m intrigued. It seems to be making a bit of a comeback in certain circles, eh?

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