Slow Carb How-To, Part 2

It has been a week since I made my resolve to eat slow carb. The results are pretty good. 🙂 I might sound trite if I say I have more energy, but it is true! Even with all the “refining fire” recently, I have slept well at night and kept choo-choo all day. My bowels have normalized. The scale says I’m hovering between 125 & 130, which is a nice range, one I hope will lower.

And….NO SUGAR CRASHES! That is the best part of the whole deal. I don’t have to worry about a pre-dinner or bedtime shakiness/confusion/feel-like-I-will-pass-out condition. I have snacked a couple of times, eating just peanuts or the nut part of the trail mix, but that was just enough to get me through to the next meal.

For this installment of Slow Carb How-To, I will address the Fruit Question. Do I eat fruit or avoid it because of the sugar content? How would you get Vitamin C and all the other fruity goodness if you avoid them?

The answer is, I avoid them partially. I bought three pears to eat this week and also use unsweetened applesauce in my oatmeal. Other than that, no daily servings of two or three berries/tree fruits for me! Canned fruit is pretty much entirely out as well…have you looked at the sugar content of pineapple chunks in juice? I mention that fruit because it is my favorite. The one can in my pantry will just have to wait for a special day…like our anniversary next month.

The key to getting the bodily necessities in slow carb is eating veggies and legumes, which have a surprisingly high content of Vit. C and Folic Acid and all the rest. Did I mention sweet potatoes??
I also don’t eat leafy greens raw all to often. The NT way advises to cook them to remove the oxalic acid which inhibits the other nutrients within the leaves.

The only supplements I take daily are a folic acid tablet and cod liver oil, 1 tsp/day. If I get leg twitches, which are a sign of a magnesium insufficiency, I take a tablet or two of that. I also keep lysine tablets around to chase away pesky cold sores.

Still learning every day how to keep the temple strong!


1 Response to “Slow Carb How-To, Part 2”

  1. 1 littleblackspider June 6, 2008 at 2:45 pm

    I I have a really nice soup recipe for you. The quantities are pretty flexible, and this will make masses. If you halve it there’ll be enough for two people to be stuffed, and three people to be quite happy. I make enormous quantities and freeze it, so if you go with the amounts here, use a very big pot!

    Chop a few carrots, a leak, a big onion (or two little ones, or a big one and a little one, whatever), and a couple of sticks of celery. Sweat them in a couple of tablespoons of olive oil until they’re soft.

    Add 500g of dry red lentils and stir. Add 3 litres of stock. Bring to the boil and simmer until the lentils are soft (my recipe says 40 minutes, but this is nonsense. They’ll be soft much sooner).

    Add in 500g cooked chestnuts (I use tinned ones). This is what makes it really nice! Cook for another twenty minutes or so. Liquidise. You can put cream in it, but I think this would make it insanely rich. I’ve just had it for my dinner, and it was glorious.

    Blessings for you and your mother.

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