Oklahoma State Republican Convention Recap

[In case of any visitors arriving from link-ins, this is not intended to be a definitive source of what happened at the Convention. My husband and I are just regular “boots on the ground” reporters for the cause of liberty.]

The bags under my eyes attest to the whirlwind, late nights adventure of our weekend in Political Phunville, otherwise known as the Oklahoma Republican Convention. We made the final decision to attend on Thursday evening, which left me Friday during the day to pack and then drive up to Tulsa (opposite corner of the state) that night. Thanks to the generosity of friends and a hotel over-booking snafu, we got a free suite. We only had to pay for the convention fees, food and gasoline and the ubiquitous trip to the Super Target.

Not to blow our cover, I will not describe what we did on Friday night. It was truly exciting…and I had no idea you could fit that many human beings into one hotel room! 😉 Some folks paid up to attend a dinner with the Vice President. We were not so financially blessed and also not inclined for such an event. Ahem.

The real deal began before dawn on Saturday morning. We stopped for Krispy Kreme donuts, coffee and milk before arriving at the Convention site at 6:20 am. The credentials check was supposed to start at 6:30am. Well, it didn’t go so smoothly the entire day. We had paid online. They couldn’t find our badges. This was repeated dozens of frustrated delegates over. In the end, many delegates gave up waiting in line and went home. Some were cut out from registering because the convention just had to start.

The rest of the day was a blur, with lots of shouting “Point of Order!!”, “Motion!”, and “Second!” There were cheap stunts of putting negative non-endorsed fliers onto our chairs. [I promise I will scan a couple for RP folks to see.] The chair allowed campaign signs in the convention hall for Senator Inhofe, even though the rules stated that such specific materials were banned. The speeches were typical campaign speeches, trashing democrats. What a waste of our time!

Another detail is that many, many delegates did not see the small green 3×5 card with the size 8 font list of the official slate of national delegates. NO ONE handed us this card. It was not on our chairs. We did not even know of this card until near the end. How were we supposed to vote on a slate of delegates to the National Convention if we did not know who they were? Why weren’t their names printed in bright, large letters and handed to every delegate when they registered? [These delegates were chosen by the state committee, not by a consensual vote.]

I will also add that one of the Republican National Delegates from Oklahoma served on the board of Planned Parenthood of Oklahoma. Several of the delegates have either backed pro-choice candidates or have made sizable donated to questionable organizations. Now you know why we did what we did!

You can read more about the specific treachery and accomplishments here.

I am happy we went, but I am highly disgusted with the mindset of the majority who attended. They only wanted nice meals, a perfunctory vote and be out in time to see the Kentucky Derby. They seemed to think that the Convention is a formality instead of a place of participation. Think again, dear friends!


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