Resonating with Verbal Pet-Peeves

There are three current American English speech patterns that drive me batty:

RESONATE. If I open a magazine or read one more blog post with that word used in it to describe anything beyond a musical instrument, I WILL scream. Human beings are not tuning forks!!!

“How are you?”, more specifically spoken when walking past another person. Gone are the days when a “Hi!” and a smile were enough when passing stranger and friend alike. Now many people skip the Hello and go straight to “how ya doin?” You inquire into another’s well-being only if you are prepared to stop and expect an answer. I find it more kindly and polite to just wish someone a Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening and continue on to our respective destinations.

Best, when used as a sign off on an e-mail. Example, “Best, Anna —-” Best what? What could they be wishing me? Is it an open ending to use in both nasty-grams and condolence letters?

There…I feel much better.


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