Monday Updates, with a spring in my step!

Just when I was about to have a nervous breakdown with my business class…it is over! We turned in the group project and presentation today and I also completed the final exam. Happy dance!!

I also walked to work today. šŸ™‚ It is exactly a mile and a half, door to door according to my pedometer. I just love getting all that fresh air into my lungs (in between car exhaust fumes) early in the morning. It reminds me of when I was a little girl walking to school every day. Children do not get to experience this hardly ever anymore. They have to ride the bus because the schools don’t want the kids getting hurt or kidnapped while walking. The neighborhood I grew up in had “Safe Houses” with placards in the windows where children could run to in case someone tried to steal them. Nowadays, I suppose no one is home enough to commit to being a safe place for children. How sad.

In Diet News, I completely fell off the Lenten train on Saturday while at Uncle Denny’s house. He keeps a wide assortment of cookies and ice cream, just too much to resist! Jeff and I crammed ourselves with sweets to the point of feeling queesy for good measure. I am back on track after all that gluttony! Sweets don’t really taste all that great in large quantities. The scale still measured 125 yesterday and my size 8 skirt feels comfortable today.


1 Response to “Monday Updates, with a spring in my step!”

  1. 1 Geri February 25, 2008 at 11:39 am

    My family always walked to school…but now my 8yo brother and 16yo sister always get rides. We always wanted our parents to drive us back then, but they only did if we were running really late. Now when I look back some of my greatest memories are of when my sister, brother, and I (different b + s…there are 5 of us altogether) would walk home past the “haunted house”, picking snowballs (this gorgeous tree that has lilac-like flowers that grow in bunches and looks like a snowball), and playing all sorts of games along the way.

    Nowadays though, things are so much different. We had “Block Parents” (along the lines of the safe houses you described) back then. Now I don’t know if I would trust my children going into a strangers house in the city, even if they had those signs. You hear of so many scary stories. However, in a little town, where you know everyone, I would feel alot better with those. I mean, you still don’t know what a person is truly like, but it helps knowing the person.

    And I have lost track on my Lenten journey too…don’t worry, we are only human after all! I think that we are meant to have a little failure along the way to make us remember that we are human. Have you heard of the story of St. Francis’ fast?

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