A Third Reason Why the Abortion Rate is Falling

baby-massage-hat.jpgYou might have heard or read some headlines about the U.S. abortion rate falling over the last 5 years. The MSM [main stream media] likes to point out that it may be because of a handful of reasons: less abortion clinics, more (abortifacient) contraception available, more Crisis Pregnancy Centers with ultrasound machines. Coconut says we still have the highest abortion rates in the world. I think there is a third reason why we Americans are slowing the baby-killing mill.

If my generation is doing anything right, it is loving babies. Thats right, we have established a ‘baby-positive’ atmosphere after decades of barely tolerating procreating. Babies are no longer life- and career-wreckers because technology has helped many women stay at home with their children and keep a small business on the side. We want to stay home because most of the Gen X folks were left alone. We don’t want that for our children! If we screw up our kids, it will be our fault. If they turn out well, then we have accomplished something real in a world of virtual everything. And…we might have more than 2!

Pregnancy is the chic thing to do, regardless of the mama’s religious creed. Midwives and breastfeeding are mainstreaming into daily life again. We want everything organic and cloth and recycled. Toys are wooden, silken, metallic or cardboard box. Television is out; cloud-gazing is in. Education is a way of life, not something to be checked off a list. Words like “Crunchy Granola Earth Mama” are taken as a compliment.

Old style feminists don’t know what to make of the younger set who gain a college education, only to “waste” it by getting married and having several children in their twenties. To them, there is only one choice, which is no choice at all: sacrifice everything for the career, because that is the way you can become as good as the guys. Husbands, children, and home are of inestimable value that a career cannot give you. There is nothing demeaning by being different than men.

Look around you and you will see a better future for babies and women, one we have fought for ourselves.

[I will be editing this throughout the day as more thoughts come to me…]

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4 Responses to “A Third Reason Why the Abortion Rate is Falling”

  1. 2 Donny Pauling January 19, 2008 at 5:50 pm

    Speaking of abortion, I am so often frustrated by my Christian friends (I am a Christian myself) who use a candidate’s opinions on abortion to decide who they’ll vote for. Since an election is approaching us this seems to come up a lot lately.

    Before reading the rest of what I’m about to write it should be noted that I am a Republican and have been registered as such since age 18.

    It should also be noted that it is MY opinion that abortion is horrible.

    That being said:

    I really think the abortion issue is a political hot button for Republicans, and nothing more. Not one of the Republicans who have been in office since Roe v. Wade have seen it overturned, and there have been DECADES of Republican “rule” in which to accomplish such. Not one of them will change it in the future either. It is used as a political tool during elections, and then forgotten about it until it is time to run for office again.

    A Republican was in office when abortion was made legal. He was powerless to do anything about it. The same can be said for any future Republican candidate: they’ll also be powerless to change the legality of abortion.

    Ah! But what about the SUPREME COURT, you might ask?

    We can talk about possible nominees to the Supreme Court until we’re blue in the face, but the reality of life is that yet another conservative nominee will not change a thing!

    Here is what I mean:

    Of the 9 Justices currently serving,

    1 was appointed by President Ford,
    2 were appointed by President Reagan,
    2 were appointed by President Clinton,
    2 were appointed by George Bush Senior,
    2 were appointed by George Bush Junior.

    So with 7 out of 9 Justices appointed by Republicans I ask, has abortion gone away?


    Will it?

    Highly unlikely (see above).

    When deciding which candidate I’ll vote for, the abortion issue is not part of my consideration simply because I know that no matter what a candidate’s opinions on the topic, pro or con, they will not change anything in this matter.

  2. 3 cbrunette January 19, 2008 at 10:01 pm


    You’ve shared some really good points! My own slant on the legality issue is that Christians should be more busy on the “search & rescue” side of things instead like CPC’s. Laws will only be externals. What is internal will be eternal.


  3. 4 Laura February 27, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    I suppose I am in the granola-type momma category. Yup I got my fancy Bachelor Degree in Mathematics….imagine that….putting a high intellectual major to “waste.” Got married and prego right away b4 graduating from college. I prefer to stay at home any way because Daycare’s are OUT. My hubby works and I stay home with the baby. Back to bead baking, sewing my own clothes, clothes for my baby and keeping up on bible scriptures. Our rebellious parents who rejected the word shoved us generation 1980s children into a mess of drugs and alcohol….but with faith in the eternal Jesus Christ we can overcome that rebellion.

    The feminist mindset—ie. Women are = to man is out! It leaves too much stress on our families and our society. Back to submission the Godly way.

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