Too Much Computer Time

Could there ever be such a thing? Well, my shoulder and back think so! At my job I spend most of the day on the computer, editing or scanning digital images. Even with a trackball mouse and an ergonomic chair, etc., my body revolted to the treatment yesterday by spasming and giving me incredible pain. My arm and shoulder felt like a Mr. Potato head doll; could have popped off at any moment. I had to go home and take some drastic measures to control it.

If this ever happens to you, try an ice pack for 10 minutes on the painful area followed right after with 10 minutes of a hot pack. The ice stops the spasm and the heat relaxes the muscles. Thank God, I also had some leftover prescription muscle relaxers and pain pills from when I screwed up my other shoulder (not by computer use!). I took those and went to dreamland in no time. I stayed home from work and have tried (somewhat successfully) to do other things beside using the computer. I’m feeling much better now. 🙂 A mini-blogging break this week and I will come back with a thoughtful article.


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"I can't say I don't believe in your God, but I don't believe He meant the world to be as it is." ~Nicholas Higgins. North and South.

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