Vote Out Fear, or Why I am Voting for Ron Paul

If you click over to my 101 Things page, you will notice that I crossed off #31 which was to change over my voter registration to my married name. This was contingent on number 32, finding someone worth voting for. I have, as you may already seen on my About page, chosen the support Ron Paul.

Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America

In the 2004 election, I voted out of fear of the “other guy” winning. My interest was really in a third party candidate but I failed to choose according to my conscience. I believed the lie that my vote was “wasted” on someone who would most likely not win. During the following weeks, I made a firm resolve to never, EVER, do that again. My vote is wasted only if I choose to sit at home and do nothing. The lie is foisted upon us because the other candidates want to keep everything the way it is.

Believe me, the last few months have been a roller coaster of thoughts, research, and much prayer. Jeff and I weren’t even sure we would vote at all until about 6 weeks ago. No one seemed to be carrying a message that was bigger than their ego. Then these Ron Paul signs started popping up all over town, from July onwards. Who was this guy?  We watched several videos about the Federal Reserve, the IRS, and our monetary system that freaked me out. [Heh, in case you are reading this, Feds: yeah, I know we are on the List. You can move on.] But some of these videos were made over 10 years ago…and Mr. Paul was saying the same message then as he is today.

So here are some key points as to why we are joining the Revolution:

  • As I said, Ron Paul has been consistent in his message and actions throughout his political career. This is a rare gem!
  • He is pro-life for babies and for soldiers. And for other nations.
  • The  ‘Revolution’ is not a cult of Ron Paul; it is a reborn idea of personal responsibility for liberty. Mr. Paul, God Bless Him, is a rather normal sort of gentleman, passionate and persuasive and honest. Somehow, I can’t see there being Paul Chicks in the manner of Obama Chicks.
  • The people supporting him are a “rabble” of every sort. Toss out the stereotypes! Still have to research this, but I believe there is very, very little in terms of special interest money being donated. Who needs it? The people raised over 6 million in one day on December 16th, with the average contribution being $100.
  • Because it is the Rabble doing the activism, fund-raising, and sharing the message, more Rabble joins them and it is a good infectious sort of politics.
  • I pretty much agree with the rest of his platform, except maybe the Border security debate. Haven’t come to the conclusion on that one yet.

So there you have my political rant in a nutshell…or just the nut. 😉 We will be joining in with a Sign Wave this Sunday after church in front of Walmart(!), my first public political activism. And that is another thing I like about Ron Paul…so many folks are getting active who never had done so before. Will you join us?


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