You Know You are Autistic When….

Three small tidbits that remind me I march to a different brain wave length:

  1.  At home by myself last week, taking a day off work for physical health and mental sanity, I started a load of laundry. [We use quarters for the apartment laundro-mat.] Jeff had brought home $30 worth of quarters and dumped them into our change dish. Hmmmm….wouldn’t it be fun to sort out the state quarters? Even better, let me clear off my place mat, and arrange the quarters in the pattern of the U.S. map! Darn, drat, uggh…I don’t have all 50! I left out my impromptu quarter map for Jeff to see when he came home from work. Turns out, he had done the same thing already when I wasn’t at home! Boy, we were meant for each other. 🙂
  2. I (voluntarily) attended a Christmas social put on by the university president’s office for all the staff and faculty. There were some folks I knew there…but they were busy chatting and I was hungry. So I positioned myself in a corner of the room where I could sit and eat [please don’t make me stand, eat and talk at the same time!] The entertainment for me was people-watching…then a staff member with a seeing-eye dog came in. Immediately, I fixated on the dog (a black lab) and stuck with him for the rest of the time. He seemed rather bummed to be working in a room full of nice people with small plates who inevitably dropped half-eaten petit fours. We had a connection…even if I only spoke with 4 people in half an hour. I felt content.
  3. Working in a library means I bring home lots of books, a regular rotating stack on our coffee table. I was sharing with Jeff how I was enamored with an astronomy book that had lots of charts of night sky observations and wishing I had the time to memorize the constellations for each month. “Did you check the book out?” he asked. Noooo….instead I brought home a book on wild edible plants! He got a great chuckle out of that.

1 Response to “You Know You are Autistic When….”

  1. 1 lastcrazyhorn December 31, 2007 at 10:12 pm

    Nice. I love sorting things. There’s just something almost magical about it if it gets complex enough/goes on for long enough.

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