On Holidays

Over the last few weeks, I have read many blogs either coming out in defense of Christmas or attack it as a pagan holiday. Some few ladies have taken a middle of the road approach by minimizing the “commercial aspects,” i.e. Santa Claus and excessive fixation on gifts and, instead, exalting the coming of Christ into the world.

Holidays are not inherently evil things. I believe God wired us to seek out “special times” to celebrate His goodness. We need to have dates we can anticipate, prepare for and then enjoy with our family, friends, and neighbors. Children love the structure, stories, and the importance of celebrations. Feasts are “really real” to them and feasts help adults not get all cerebral about their faith or stuck in daily living matters. If all days were equal, and there was nothing to anticipate on a regular basis, our lives would disintegrate into a bare, industrial machine, chunking out each 24 hours just like the last one.

Now, I have not come to conclude yet that one particular day is more “holy.” Does God come more closely to us, post-resurrection folks, on any given day than another? Are the windows of heaven shoved open higher on a Sunday, Saturday, or the third Friday of the third month of every leap year? If the answer is yes, then does this make the day more “really real” than if it is less holy?

Do we need the holiness in order to have a holiday?

Carry that with you as you prepare (or not) for Christmas. Do I truly deeply believe that this day is holiness unto the Lord? Has HE required it of you? Or is it only a time for pretty things and tasty treats?


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