Head Covered: Fourth Day and Feeling Confident!

Today’s Outfit: Trusty cotton/linen pants paired with lightweight pink cotton tunic/blouse with tank top underneath. I am wearing my pink paisley/floral cotton voile scarf. Sturdy brown sandals.

My boss came in this morning and asked almost immediately, “Are you ok? Is there something wrong?” when she saw the scarf.

“Nothing wrong,” I replied, “Just trying something different.”

She had been gone on a long professional leave and brimming with tales to tell, so I thought I’d save the “religious conviction” discussion for tomorrow. 🙂

[Update: The Assistant Director asked me what was up with the scarf…did I shave or lose my hair? I explained that it was a religious conviction, a part of Christian practice that I wanted to do. She asked if it were to be a regular thing. Yes, indeed! She seems ok with the idea.]

I’m really, really liking this fuller headscarf covering. My hair is back in a ponytail, no fussing with a bun! It feels more professional than a smaller kerchief. For some reason, I think covering more of one’s hair is actually better received than wearing something “symbolic.” Maybe I can thank my Muslim friends for this publicity. You know the feeling, I’m sure, of stepping out in public fully confident in your skin (clothing!)

My chin is up, I am walking taller, and I am loving this new view from under the covering!


3 Responses to “Head Covered: Fourth Day and Feeling Confident!”

  1. 1 Christian December 20, 2007 at 12:42 pm

    Very interesting, I appreciate your reporting peoples reactions and how you feel in making the change. I’ll be back to read more =)

  2. 2 Lorraine December 23, 2007 at 8:26 pm

    hi, i just read your about you section, and i was thrilled to see that you attended Hollins. i currently go there, it was just nice to see someone else who actually knew what it was.

  3. 3 Laura February 27, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    I just started covering. I’ve tried the more modern head band or bandanna approaches in cases where I know people would be more apprehended to confuse a religious conviction with my reasons for covering my head. I personally choose to cover my head because of 1 Cor. 11…however the reason is not to draw attention to myself but rather to draw my husband unto God in a loving way and not in a “sex” appealing way. That is the reason Paul wrote that to the Corinthians. To condone the prostitution practices of the day in Corinth.

    In todays modern western world it takes a lot of guts to overcome the cultural norms!!

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