Great Weekend

Hello everyone…I didn’t find the end of the world and drop off of it! We just had a full weekend. Sometimes one  needs a couple of days away from a computer keyboard!

I tried to donate blood on Saturday morning. The last time I made an attempt, my iron levels were just a notch too low. This time I didn’t even pass the blood pressure test. Apparently 90/44 is too low and they have a protocol about not taking it a second time. I tried to explain that the low reading was almost always a fluke on me because of the veins in my left arm. No way! So, I got a t-shirt anyway for trying. Jeff and I joked about having a fight before I try to donate again which was really funny because we hardly ever argue. Maybe I can jog around the block…

Jeff celebrated his first day of independence from Teen Challenge (last official work day was Friday) by playing a computer game all Saturday afternoon. That’s fine with me. I cut out a new dress pattern and sewed up a couple of new cloth feminine pads. We watched half of North and South again that night. I picked up much more on the dialogue than the first time through. The characters had a soft Scotch brogue (though accurate) which made following some of the interchanges difficult.

We attended church on Sunday morning, prayer meeting first and then the main service. This church is very upbeat, modern, and youthful. We’ve met some strong Christian folk and I have received complements on my headscarves. There is one sort of downside: some of the women choose very very distracting clothing. I know this is nearly universal but do I have to avert my eyes even from the leaderships’ wives? One young wife wore shoes that I’ve could only imagine a woman on the front of certain magazines wearing! [Very high-heel black patent leather numbers with a chunky block under the toe] I found myself staring at her bright fuschia toenail cleavage during the prayer meeting. Another young lady in front of us was showing way more than anyone should see of her bosom. Jeff asked me after she had walked past, “Why don’t the elders say something?!?” Sadly, they can’t say anything at this type of church because clothing falls under the “Non-essentials” category. Sigh…seems to be taken literally!


3 Responses to “Great Weekend”

  1. 1 MInTheGap August 13, 2007 at 11:24 am

    It is amazing what people will do because they want to fit into the culture– the sad thing is that these ladies may not think anything about what they are doing.

    It truly is a tragedy.

  2. 2 Kelli August 13, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    It’s too bad that even we women notice the unmodest dress and we’re not supposed to be visual. Can you imagine the stress it must put on our husband and sons? Keep praying for those gals that they would get modest. I know nowadays if you bring up modest dress you are labeled “legalistic”. Even my close female friends at church dress a little immodest for me, and one of them is a pastor’s wife. I love her to pieces but hate it when she wears low cut tops that show cleavege. I really enjoyed the sermon Paul Washer gave, that really convicted me and helped me realize that I’m not “legalistic” but have some standards. Over the weekend I bought a really cute denim dress from Catherines plus sizes. It has a square neck and is cute. However when I bend over I see too much cleavage. I need to get out the lace and sew some in my dress to avoid showing off too much! As christian women we are responsible to make sure we’re not tempting our christian brothers. It would be nice to have a Christian fashion magazine to show modest but pretty clothes.

  3. 3 Gemaecca August 14, 2007 at 5:56 am

    Maybe I’m just not a nice person or something, but when I see women here in SC going to church in stuff you’d be more likely to see in a bar, I can’t help but giggle a little. I dress way more modestly than that, and I’m an atheist for cryin’ out loud! Maybe it shouldn’t be funny, but it is to me…

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