The Marriage ABC’s

Busy day today for me…Quiz tonight in Economics class and a Doctor’s appointment just before it! I’ll type up this gem for you all to read and I’ll be back later this week for more original discussions. From the Cameron Collegian, May 16, 1945, p. 2:

Everyone wants to be happily married. That is the dream not only of the girls but of the boys as well. Of course, we can not be sure that our marriage will be a happy one or successful one. But Dorothy Dix gives some very good advice to those contemplating a happy marriage. Here is her advice. It is an alphabet for wedded bliss.

  • Adaptability – Cultivate a taste for each other’s interests.
  • Belief – Trust one another.
  • Children – Be of one mind on the subject.
  • Devotion – Don’t be sparing with love.
  • Entertainment – Keep each other amused and interested.
  • Finesse – Handle each other with tact.
  • Generosity – Don’t be stingy with love or money or praise.
  • Health – Keep it as well as you can and don’t talk about your symptoms.
  • Interests – Enter into everything the other does.
  • Jokes – Laugh at ’em.
  • Kindness – Never fail to show each other tenderness and sympathy.
  • Love – Never let your supply run low.
  • Money – Agree before marriage about the division of the family income.
  • Need – Of each other. Make yourself a necessity to your mate.
  • Observation – Notice when the wife has a new gown or the husband looks particularly spick and span.
  • Politeness – Treat each other as courteously as you would strangers.
  • Quiet – Keep a peaceful home.
  • Respect – Show deference to each other’s opinions and intelligence.
  • Sportsmanship – Take marriage on the chin and come up smiling.
  • Tenderness – Be all heart to your husband or wife.
  • Understanding – Enter into the thoughts and feelings of your mate.
  • Virtue – No philandering on the side.
  • Willingness – Both husband and wife be willing to help each other pull their weight back in the boat.
  • Xtra attention – Especially when one is downhearted or sick.
  • Yes – Flattery is the oil that lubricates the domestic machine.
  • Zero – Your marriage will never be zero if you follow these rules.

Note: The Dorothy Dix mentioned above is not the 19th century mental health reformer. This Dorothy Dix was a syndicated columnist much like Dear Abby is today.


1 Response to “The Marriage ABC’s”

  1. 1 Revka August 5, 2007 at 8:23 pm

    You are absolutely right – that is a gem! Thanks for sharing; I plan to link to this soon in my personal blog.

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