Jewelry: A Spectrum

If you haven’t guess already, my thoughts and practices regarding jewelry are similar to cosmetics: less is better. Note, however, I said “less” not none. I’ve been mulling over my autobiography of jewelry and came up with some patterns:

  • I wear jewelry I have picked out, rarely those trinkets others have purchased or given to me. I chose the design of my engagement ring (more on that later) and wedding band. My parents like to buy me things when they travel so I try to wear it occassionally. Maybe I have a jewelry chip hardwired in my head as to exactly what I like. That is probably why I wear very little.
  • I prefer gold over silver because it matches my skin tone. [What of 1 Timothy 2:9, you are wondering. That is a whole other post but let’s just say…I like balance.]
  • I do wear a wedding band and engagement ring(with diamonds). Jeff insisted he wanted to give me a ring. So what’s a girl to do? Go pick it out! 🙂 Whenever I have the ring cleaned, I’ll gaze at the sparkling stones and sigh. There is a man who loves me very, very much!
  • When I am covered I do not wear earrings. The gypsy look is not my style.
  • I have to remind myself to put in earrings in the mornings. I forget half of the time! My parents actually wanted me to get my ears pierced when I was 12. The first job was poorly done and I had to let them heal over. They encouraged me again at 16 and that time they took. I choose small stone or small (tiny) gold hoop earrings.
  • If all my jewelry was taken tomorrow, the only things I would mourn would be the pearl necklace my late grandmother gave me which I wore on my wedding day and my rings.

To sum up: I like “pretties” but they do not own me. 🙂


3 Responses to “Jewelry: A Spectrum”

  1. 1 Cathy July 6, 2007 at 4:17 pm

    I really do like jewelry, but have a hard time remembering to put it on these days…sort of like makeup! I feel like I’m doing good to get out the door with my face washed and hair brushed, let alone made up and bejeweled! In the past 2 days I’ve accidentally left home in my flip flops TWICE!

    I always wear my wedding and engagement rings (DH had them put together for me as an anniversary gift one year so it’s one piece now). Other than that, I mainly wear earrings, which I prefer moderate-sized but a little dangly. Occasionally, for church or a ball or other special occasion, I’ll wear a necklace and/or bracelet along with earrings.

  2. 2 Amy July 6, 2007 at 7:09 pm

    I thought I would add what I wear too the list too!! Now this is kinda funny cause 18mths ago I was managing a JEWELLERY store!!
    Ohhh how the LORD works!
    Back then I cant even list what I would wear!!

    Now days it is simple studs in my ears
    and a cross necklace (my DH just brought me a new one with sawarski crystals ohhh I love shinies!!)
    and of course my engagement and wedding band that my husband picked with all diamonds.
    finally on my right ring finger I have my grandmothers engagment ring, this would be the thing I would mourn the most!! (Asides from my rings of course)

  3. 3 Dawn July 7, 2007 at 2:53 am

    I’m a ‘plain Jane’. No jewelry for this gal 🙂 I do have a wedding band (just a cheap silver one from WalMart for $10) but don’t wear it. Just personal conviction I guess. Plus when I wear it, it makes me feel weird.

    My hubby is funny, he thinks if I don’t wear it I will get hit on…LOL. I have to keep reminding him…what man would want an overweight woman in a cape dress and headcovering when they can have the size 2 girl, with barely no clothes on???? 🙂

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