Economics and Women

To follow up on my previous post on this subject I would like to say a couple of things:

  1. I love the Socratic Method. My mother swears my first word was, “Why?” Lawyers have told me I should just shut it and go to law school. 😉 I asked the questions in the comments of this post to get people to think, not to necessarily present my stance on the subject.
  2. Men and women should be paid equally for the same job description unless there is an economic need. That is the only time I think men (or women) should be given preference in the amount of pay they receive. If I were a single gal and a co-worker of mine had a wife and three children under 5, I wouldn’t be put out if he got a larger paycheck.
  3. Though economics is a fascinating subject (I’m in a Microeconomics class, atm), I think this subject thread is getting beyond the scope of what I would like to be here on the VG blog. I’ll try to keep the ship steered in the proper direction but if there are still burning questions in your minds about it, you can comment and I’ll send you a private e-mail.

In other news, we had a restful weekend and blessed our dads yesterday over the telephone. God has given us many dads, some genetic and some provided for our direction and leadership. The Lord knew we needed them!


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