More Hippie than Amish: A Self-Realization

Cross-posted this to the Conservative Brunette:

I had a small epiphany last weekend. In my heart of hearts, I am an artist. God gave me some natural talent and my life circumstances have nutured them up until about 18 months ago. Then a self-imposed set of limits I call the Amish/Quaker side of me shut down any artistic expression beyond knitting and sewing cape dresses.

[For those of you who live or desire to live the Plain lifestyle, I do not harbor any disdain for you. God Bless You! If you have found freedom in plainness, stay with it.]

Being Plain was not necessarily bad for me; it wasn’t forming the right spiritual disciplines. The fruit of the experiment was bitter. I wasn’t overflowing in love and joy towards my Christian brothers or sisters. I felt unable to serve them through the medium of a bonnet.

So come last Saturday night, the combination of discovering the Psalters and the pent-up artist within had my gut all knotted up. “I want to dance, paint, and do henna!” I exclaimed to Jeff. He was supportive as always, and a little excited at the new changes brewing.

Sunday morning and I had little relief until I got in the shower. [Folks, for some reason, I get the best revelations while standing under hot water. Funny, isn’t it?] The Lord untied the knot by saying, “I want you to use your creativity to serve others!” Yay! Hip-hip Hurray! I had so much more joy and peace at that moment than I’ve had in months.

I assure you I will not jettison other values I’ve formed during this “detour” including dressing modestly and covering my hair. I’ll just use a differing mode, somewhat Midwestern Hippie: patchwork skirts (use up that fabric!), colorful cotton scarves, henna patterns on my hands and feet, and sandals. This style will be much more conducive to the college campus where I work and the urban church I attend.

Alright….there is still much to be sorted out in this fragile human mind and soul but I just wanted you all to be in on the process. We’re going to an art festival today!


1 Response to “More Hippie than Amish: A Self-Realization”

  1. 1 Julie in Virginia August 9, 2009 at 11:06 pm

    Hi Anna!

    I’ve really been enjoying reading your blog. I’ve recently been led to consider a more Plain/modest lifestyle and I’m really glad there are others out there on the blogosphere documenting their experiences to give inspiration to the rest of us. I come from a Methodist-turned-Quaker background, so for the moment, I’m heading more in the direction of Plain dress as opposed to modest, but I have no idea where I’ll end up in the long run.

    I just wanted to leave a comment here under this particular entry to let you know that if you’re still looking for a mix of hippie and plain, we hicksite Quakers will always welcome you. Most of the ones I know are both!

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