Women in Ministry, concerning Head Covering

Cheryl Schatz runs a website connected to a new DVD series defending women in public ministry and leadership in the church. You’ll have to purchase the entire series to see her take on HC but she does offer a tantalizing preview clip here.

The majority of the ladies who will visit this site do not subscribe to this Biblical interpretation, I realize. This is just something I came across today through Google. We might as well open this can of gummy worms at the start. 😉

For the record, I tend towards Anabaptist and Quaker interpretation of Scripture and practice of faith. I have actually preached before my church and shared words of encouragement elsewhere, all the while as a covered woman. If I were in a church where this was not acceptable, I would submit to that authority. My husband supports me in teaching or preaching where or when I have the opportunity.



3 Responses to “Women in Ministry, concerning Head Covering”

  1. 1 Alice April 3, 2007 at 2:53 pm

    In a very friendly tone: I’m just curious how, coming from such a conservative viewpoint, and approving of head-coverings and so on, you find support for women speaking in church in the Bible. Even when peer pressure made me not very convinced about head coverings, the multiple passages about women’s different role seemed to preclude speaking during a church service, whether covered or not. I look forward to hearing your interpretation.

  2. 2 Anna April 3, 2007 at 4:19 pm

    Thank you, Alice, for the friendly tone to that question. Welcome to the site!

    I draw my conclusions more from the Quaker side of my belief system. They have held that all flesh is filled with the Spirit of God, which includes male and female. 1 Cor. 11 says women must cover while praying or prophesying [speaking forth the truth]. Quaker worship depends on the immediate revelation of God to the gathering of believers. Therefore, if I am covered through God-Christ-husband-covering, then I think I can speak to the gathering. If I am out of order, obviously, it is better to keep my mouth shut. Also, as a Conservative Quakerish person, submission is a Big Issue. Its easy to tell when one is not submitted to the order given in a meeting.

    Like I said, I am flexible on the issue. If I were ever a member of a church where women must be silent, then silent I will be. At this point, we are in a situation where women are encouraged to speak. Clear and squishy as mud?

  3. 3 Carri June 1, 2007 at 4:33 am

    Hi Anna,

    My opinion? (Also in friendly tone since you welcomed other interpretations)

    I have studied this subject over & over and the only conclusion I am persuaded to believe is that if a woman is to ‘speak’ in the corporate worship assembly, she must have the ‘authority’ over her to do so. By being covered & given the permission by the elders of the congregation and/or pastor of that same flock, a woman may speak.

    What I don’t agree with: women pastoring churches whereby they are the leadership of the church. This is completely out of order and appears to defy the sacred Head of God-Christ-husband (if there is one)-covering.

    I’m not sure you & I disagree on much here. It’s pretty much the same (?) But we have a host of churches in the area being solely pastored & led by women to a mixed gender of population. I believe a woman is to teach other woman & the children, unless she is invited to do otherwise under the above stated principle that you (and I) have outlined. That’s the only Biblical order that exists.

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